Let's talk about pubic hair

American skincare brand-FUR claims credit for starting a new era of taking care for our bodies and hair - from head to toe, from bear to bushy. Using only the finest ingredients, their cult "Fur oil" can be used on your hair, eyebrow or pubic hair – it is amazing all purpose product.

We do not need to apologize for what we decide to do with our body hair, Fur support us to be comfortable to have honest conversation about it too.

Formulated with cooperation with dermatologist and gyneacologists, the brand takes care for hair and the skin that surrounds it whether you shave, wax or laser. The Fur family now includes the oil, ingrown concentrate, silk scrub and cream. Ingrown prevention for the entire body.

Being on the mission to serve all hair types as well as skin types, it is important for Fur to take care also for all genders. With this in mind, this year’s Pride month Fur has celebrated people in the LGBT community and picked up New York based people and asked about how they take care about their bodies.

Fur campaign blog at Byssine

We at Byssine love the idea and asked Laura Schubert, the CEO of Fur:

Byssine: Who are the people you choose for your photoshoot? 

Laura: We chose NYC based artists we felt reflected both the LGBTQ+ community as well as the diverse community of Fur users! In addition to the photoshoot, we interviewed them to get more of a sense on how they take care of themselves all year round.

Read the interviews here


Byssine: What are your concerns about what is happening in the world recently? How does it relate to the values FUR represents?

Laura: With all the discourse happening in the U.S. and beyond, we want Fur to represent a safe space where we can foster community and open conversation. We always want everyone to feel welcomed and appreciated, which is why we celebrate all forms of body hair expression and created products that work on all types of skin and hair. 


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I always wondered if there is a product for these tricky situations. But so happy to see that someone thought about it, talked about it and solved this issue. Happy hairy days :)
Seema 35 07/16/19, 15:35

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